A study on demat and online trading in secondary market

Investor instructs DP to receive credits into his account in the Prescribed form.

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Demat account is the account in which the trading done by the customer is mentioned. PIB comes with a whole host of online features for the internet trading users ranging from real-time stock prices, to live trading reports, charting, News Room. So we dont have to possess any physical certificates showing that us own these shares.

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This method does away with all the risks and hassles normally associated with paperwork. Every depository operates under a countrys specific law and regulation in order to ensure safety, liquidity, rights and liabilities to the security holders.

For ex. The DP in turn opens the account with the depository. Now days, shares are usually kept in electronic, or dematerialized, form with a depository participant Banks, brokers, financial institutions of the National Securities Depository Limited NSDL.

We offer depository services to create a seamless transaction platform execute trades through Indiabulls Securities and settle these transactions through the Indiabulls Depository Services. Moreover, this sudden growth has also magnified the risks that have always been plaguing the Indian system, viz.

Investor instructs his DP to debit his demat account with the number of securities sold and credit the brokers clearing account. He himself had to go place to place in search of food, water and now everything is available at your doorstep just at the click of the mouse.

KBD has acquired Broker receives payment from investor and arranges payment to Clearing corporations.

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Project on Online Trading at Sharekhan Ltd