An analysis of the untouchables a film by brian de palma

Now, what are you going to do? Plot is a big pain in the ass. Billy Dragoa one-time stuntman with stiletto bladed cheekbones and sly eyes did however make an indelible mark as Nitti, aided also by wardrobe.

Even the few critics who walked away from The Untouchables unmoved gave the film credit for its lavish appearance, from Stephen H. So, we tried to represent that fact in the way we framed things. A no-brainer, in retrospect. Nevertheless, after a single meeting, Linson was convinced Costner was the right choice.

Because of the Volstead Act, and only because of it, he resists drinking and demands that his men avoid alcohol as well.

He took Nitti out of the courtroom with the bailiff and discovered that Nitti was permitted by the corrupt mayor of Chicago to carry the gun into court, and possibly use it inside the courtroom if necessary.

the untouchables cast

He reads the headline about the bombing.

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Gang Wars, the Prohibition Menace: Brian De Palma’s ‘The Untouchables’ • Cinephilia & Beyond