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Information on administrative punishments received. Chinese nationals also prefer LLCs. FIE's organisational chart. The costs of a sales office is also very attractive. This facilitates an easy exit; and control: the LLC can be closely held, therefore offering greater control over ownership of the company, its business scope, and its assets. There is generally no minimum investment requirement unless laws, administrative regulations, or the decisions of the State Council provide otherwise, but companies must have sufficient funds for their intended scope of operations. This is because dispatching an employee who is familiar with the local customs and business etiquette enhances the efficiency by making it easier to communicate thoroughly with clients, suppliers, distributors, and partners both in China and abroad. Whereas, a sales office via labor dispatch is recommended for companies who are certain that they want to enter the Chinese market and establish a presence for a long-term.

Choosing partners who can make tangible business contributions, safeguard intellectual property, ensure operational control of the JV, and managing talents need to be agreed on.

However, such limited partners have limited management authority. It must comply with relevant Chinese laws, regulations and provisions of the financial authorities, and accept the supervision and inspection carried out by relevant competent departments.

Transport, warehousing and postal services.

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Scope of operations of the company. Much faster setup time and complexity than for a WFOE. Accounts must be filed with local financial and tax authorities for record-keeping.

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If a total or partial assignment of rights as prescribed in the CJV contract is to be carried out between the parties to the CJV or if one party to the CJV wishes to assign its contractual rights to a party other than the co-operative partners, the written agreement of the other parties to the CJV must be obtained and the matter must be reported to the examination and approval authority for approval Implementation Regulations B.

The registered capital is not limited to financial capital but can encompass non-financial assets such as intellectual property rights, buildings, materials, or machinery if approved by the government.

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ROs have limited capabilities. There are several advantages to using this structure: Developing a network of contacts, which is essential to being successful in China; Learning about the Chinese market in a financially low-commitment way; Determining what kind of advertising is most effective; Renting residential and commercial property for future use by the company; Engaging in other types of activities that are not profit-generating. However, the client enterprise will use the dispatched employees for work based on a service contract with the PEO. However, in practice, it is almost impossible to acquire shelf companies because where a company fails to commence business without a proper reason for more than six months following incorporation, or suspends business operation for six months or more once business is commenced, the company registration authorities can cancel its business licence Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Administration of Company Registration. IT and telecommunications. For example, there is usually limited tax incentive for registration in the urban area, and the cost for obtaining a corresponding address is higher. Smaller projects can be approved by the local authorities, while larger projects must obtain approval from the provincial or national authorities. With respect to LLCs, under Company Law, the shareholders can transfer all or part of their equity interests among themselves. All in all, a representative office is recommended for companies that want to research the Chinese market beforehand. Rep Office Related Articles. Name of the shareholders.

Trust companies in China have emerged as an important source of alternative capital financing.

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Establishing a business in China: overview