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They were not Darius' only pupils: during the reign of Xerxes, the Athenians, those archenemies of Persia, had started to copy several institutions invented by Darius, which is probably the ultimate compliment.

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Darius removed the previous native officials, replacing them with new people loyal to him. How did Darius the Great come to power? Darius demonstrated an organizational genius rivaled by few ancient or modern rulers. In the matters of religion , it is well known that Darius was an adherent of Zoroastrianism or at least a firm believer of Ahura Mazda. Darius, a distant cousin of Cambyses, at once set out to gain the throne for himself. Darius proved to be a strong and wise ruler. Three years later, Cyrus had conquered Lydia in western Turkey, where the proverbially rich king Croesus had been his victim. If now you shall think that "How many are the countries which King Darius held?

Cambyses died in Syria, without children, leaving the army without commander and the empire to Smerdis - or someone who resembled him. When Cambyses had departed into Egypt, the people became hostile, and the lie multiplied in the land, even in Persia and Media, and in the other provinces.

Artistic conventions, however, suggest a much earlier date.

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These skills that Ahuramazda set down upon me. Inafter subduing eastern Thrace and the Getae, he crossed the Danube River into European Scythia, but the Scythian nomads devastated the country as they retreated from him, and he was forced, for lack of supplies, to abandon the campaign.

When Cambyses was in Egypt, during the last year of his reign, a certain Gaumata usurped the throne by pretending to be Bardiya, Cambyses' brother, who had been assassinated secretly before Cambyses started out for his Egyptian campaign in BCE.

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Of wrong I am not a friend. While the punishments may seem brutal today, ranging from mutilation to blinding, fairness was not omitted as punishment depended on the nature and severity of the crime.

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Darius the Great: Death