The gift of life

It's the most amazing gift: the gift of life.

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Have a history of heart disease. These can create safety and comfort as children are separated from families, encounter medical procedures, and stay in strange environments. Have ever received a transplant or graft organ, cornea, bone etc.

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The first step is to meet our representative who will provide a brief information session. There are currently several Jewish people in Australia and worldwide diagnosed with life threatening diseases such as leukaemia and aplastic anemia.

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A lovely Australian novel from an accomplished writer. To be confronted with some difficult questions, realities of CF, and the possibilities of what the near and distant future might look like.

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I know how quickly everything can change again. Have a history of heart disease. Had a tattoo within the past 12 months [though you can join the Registry now]. This training enables them to understand and relieve the emotional stresses that arise for them in their settings, and to more effectively identify and support some of the emotional and social needs of the families and children in their care. Please join our mission and help us change the world. It all begins with one remarkable person, one life-changing swab and one huge win — finding a match and a cure. For additional information, please watch this video. They all make up the beautiful gift of life. This most extraordinary gift is my life: made up of beautiful breaths, unconditional love, and endless gratitude. My body has been so ravaged by CF, but each day I continue to get stronger, and am so very grateful for each percent of lung function gained. The Perfect Gift This gift I have been given is immeasurable. A month ago I couldn't walk up a few steps, take a shower, carry on a conversation, or merely walk across the room without gasping for air.
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The Gift of Life by Josephine Moon