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But a few days later, Moroka and the missionary Archbell rescued them with food and oxen. Native lands: Around the territories being colonized by the Boers are various regions known to Europeans in the 19th century by the names of the principal tribes inhabiting them: Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Swaziland and Zululand.

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One of their number, Dick King. They have a sense of grievance, partly because Kruger has denied them the vote understandably, since they are soon likely to outnumber the Boers in the republic.

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The precise terms of the treaty are unknown, but it seems certain that Sekwati never actually sold land to the Boers. By the Boers had successfully established two republics north of the Cape Colony, thus legitimating efforts to separate themselves from an oppressive higher authority. Many of the Voortrekkers were trekboers semi-nomadic pastoral farmers and their mode of life made it relatively easy for them to pack their worldly possessions in ox-wagons and leave the colony forever. Eric and Derson Walker, the great trek, the causes of great trek 4. First and foremost, the issue of force labour. The Cape entrepreneur Cecil Rhodes , determined to keep open a route flanking the Transvaal, puts increasing pressure on the British government until, in , Bechuanaland south of the Molopo river is made a crown colony it is merged with the Cape colony in Here, till dusk and on through the night, they withstand a succession of Zulu attacks.

However, far from being the peaceful and God-fearing process which many would like to believe it was, the Great Trek caused a tremendous upheaval in the interior for at least half a century.

When the British annexe Natal, inthey make a treaty with the Zulu king Mpande.

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But when the time came for them to leave they found that no Dutch Reformed Church minister from the Cape was prepared to accompany the expedition, for the church synod opposed the emigration, saying it would lead to 'godlessness and a decline of civilisation'.

The trekkers then concluded treaties of friendship with Moroka and Sekonyela chief of the Tlokwa.

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Hence the Great Trek.

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The Great Trek